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Get an idea of the impact of your lifestyle on our planet and see how your everyday actions can make a difference.

Take 5 minutes to get a snapshot of your footprint or stay longer to choose new actions, challenge friends, track and share your progress to become Future Fit.

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Who's getting FutureFit

Here are some activities people are doing to step up their game and reduce their impact.

  • Regan, Canterbury

    12.1Kg carbon saved

    Have a meat-free day
  • Maria, Auckland

    0.6Kg carbon saved

    Use public transport
  • Cypress, Auckland

    0.1Kg carbon saved

    Wash clothes in cold water
  • Elizabeth, Auckland

    6.4Kg carbon saved

    Buy and eat local, in-season
  • Sarah, Auckland

    3.0Kg carbon saved

    Have a meat-free day
  • Jane, Auckland

    0.1Kg carbon saved

    Use reusable cups

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